How Can I buy Harvest Pack foodservice Products?

You can purchase it directly from our website, or reach out to our sales team at info@harvest-pack.com

If I want to customize my packaging, where do I start?

We require an MOQ for customized packaging, please email us at info@harvest-pack.com and a dedicated salesperson will help you out.

Do you have a catalog?

Yes, you can download our catalog here.

What is Bagasse?

Bagasse is a fibrous matter that is left after the extraction of juice from sugarcane, and it is 100% compostable.

Do you have certification to show that your product is eco-friendly?

We have gotten our BPI Certification (Biodegradable Products Institute) for our bagasse products.

How long does shipping take?

You may choose your delivery options at the time of check-out on our website. For large quantity delivery, please send email to info@harvest-pack.com

Can I speak with a real person?

You can email us at info@harvest-pack.com or call us at +1 (888) 727-7225

How can I apply for a position at Harvest Pack?

We will have jobs opening listed under jobs section of this website.


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